4 Reasons To Master Strategies

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Strategies are behind every success and failure.

I wanted to share with you this 4 minute clip from my Unleash The Power Within event where I break down the difference between having aspirations and mastering strategies to produce the exact results you want.

Take a minute to watch this video. Would love your feedback on how you have used strategies to reach your ultimate goals.

Stay Strong and Live with Passion,

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Thursday, June 25th, 2009 Main Content

61 Comments to 4 Reasons To Master Strategies

  1. Tony,

    Thanks for pointing out something that I’ve known and ignored for a while. You really gave me a wake up call, once again.

    Your own extraordinary strategies and attitudes inspire all of us to better ourselves. You catalyze me with your inspiring words and calls to action.

    John Melanson

  2. John Melanson on June 4th, 2009
  3. It sounds like it’s a good message. I could really use some motivational strategy help with my son! Hope to hear more. I think about your ideas now and then, and find them helpful.
    Keep up the good work, Tony.

  4. Koreen Naugler on June 4th, 2009
  5. I convinced someone that they were one of a kind and had a unique talent unlike anyone else. I accomplished two of the most successful projects in my life because of what that person called manipulation. I see it as strategy.

  6. Ken Gregg on June 5th, 2009
  7. Most important achievement I experienced in my life happened many years ago when I decided to change my profession.
    I spent 10 years with the army and got splendid result. My career progressed with such speed that by the age of 27 I got position that many officers much older than myself only dreamed about. However, by the time in the Soviet Union the army’s prestige was dropping down with the same speed as I was progressing and it became very difficult to provide for the family. I resigned from the army and after a year of trying to find myself in something I was offered a job as a seaman as I had some training courses of this profession. I needed money so I agreed.
    I had not any clue how can I do anything better than simply be a seaman and earn some money for my family. However, I looked in my past in tried to analyse why and how I did career in my military life. Why was because I valued much respect and how – I just needed to plan and do what I did before in my most resourceful states.
    To put this story short I mastered English first and second I got diploma degree in my trade (rare trade). All that I did on the board of the vessel where actually it’s extremely difficult to find any spare time for anything personal. In only 4 years I finally got position of the top management and leave in Singapore with my family. Moreover I got financial level I dreamed of before (not now).
    I face some difficulty in my life right now and want again to revue my strategy that helped me. Finally I’d like to stress that I use my power of imagination when I want to achieve something, i.e. I imagine myself already have what I want or already become who I want. It helps much

  8. Dmitriy Shport on June 5th, 2009
  9. I bought your personal power package and they are great, but I did however stop early on excuse to busy but then there you were in my mailbox this morning and now I am ready to begin again. You truly inspired me to not stop thanks. You Rock!

  10. Evone Kent, Casa Grande, AZ on June 5th, 2009
  11. Fantastic, thank you very much.

  12. fantastic! -from Tokyo on June 5th, 2009
  13. Great Video,
    would love to know what he’s geating ready to teach. I think I need that.


  14. Jody Brownd on June 5th, 2009
  15. Thank you for the clip…”are you ready for it…yes or no”…yessss!

  16. Cathy Sykora on June 5th, 2009
  17. Hi Tony,

    its amazinggggggg what you do! I work in mlm and have a big team of thousands of people, unfortunately most of them only speak spanish, it would be awsome to have some of your audios and videos translated! its so powerfull what you have that it would be a blessing to have it in other languagues! at least spanish LOL


    Luis landeros

  18. Luis R Landeros on June 5th, 2009
    Thanks Tony for this great video. I purchased ‘get the edge’ last year and I loved it I loved it I loved it.

  20. Nagwan on June 5th, 2009
  21. Thank you Tony!

  22. Hakan on June 5th, 2009
  23. Thank You so much God Bless you

  24. Rita C~isneros on June 5th, 2009
  25. fantastic

  26. Ibrahim Alfadeel on June 5th, 2009
  27. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for posting this little clip. I agree with you. I own a water treatment business in san luis obispo, california. I have always had the mindset of why reinvent the wheel. someone else has done all the hard work, all i have to do is copy their lead and form it into my business model. I have owned my store for 7 yrs and the sheer fact that i am still in business makes me proud. but like so many today, it is a struggle. i wish i had the money to come see you, i think you are amazing and a gift to all of us. Again, thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  28. Terry Daniels on June 5th, 2009
  29. As always, a great message! Thank you Tony!

  30. Chrisjr on June 5th, 2009
  31. HI TONNY

  32. mohammad on June 5th, 2009
  33. Tony,

    I love your work and I have been following it since I was 18 years old. Know I’m thirty three. Alot of your strategies are very benificial in how I deal with people and set goals.

    I’ve currently completed The Body For Life Program and I have encouraged them and I will say this also to you. How about support groups or forums.

    I have alot of questions in regards to “Personal Power” and “Get The Edge.”

    One of my questions is how to break the over anlysis pattern. Sometimes I find when i do the morning rituals I overanalyze.

    Also, I found the very first CD on Personal Power Two very effective in which you take two actions that break you out of your comfort zone. I wish a whole course was designed just for taking one or two small actions to hit the break through pattern for longterm goals!

    How can I learn more about any new developments?



  34. Chris Kostoff on June 5th, 2009
  35. Thanks for continuing to inspire me, Tony!! I have been tuned into you for over 15 years and will continue to listen since you wake me up and send me down my path again!



  36. Grant on June 5th, 2009
  37. Super! I love anything that teaches me how to be a better creator, especially when it helps me to create better creations in and with my life.

    I’m amazed at how well you have created your life.

    Keep up the amazing work!


  38. Michael Claridge on June 5th, 2009
  39. I really wish the UPW event was available for purchase on DVD. Obviously it’s not the same as attending the event live and I understand why it’s not available, but it sure would be great to be able to go back to rewatch, relearn, and reenact the lessons from that fantastic weekend.

    Thanks for all you do Tony. Hope you had fun with Frank, John, and Mike last night. :)

  40. Jason Moffatt on June 5th, 2009
  41. Thanks Tony. I’m one of your biggest fans :)

  42. Keeyong on June 5th, 2009
  43. Outstanding!

    Tony thanks so much for your wisdom and teaching ablity. When writing my teen book ” Connecting With Your Teen” (foreword by Joseph McClendon III) I use a lot of what you taught me in the many seminars I attended in my life. I thank God every day for your passion and willing to change the quality of people lives. Keep on serving others in the highest way.
    Love Always
    John P. Oda

  44. John Oda on June 5th, 2009
  45. I train parents and teachers who work with special needs kids. This lesson hit home and gave me something to share. Thank you.

  46. Jill Castle on June 5th, 2009
  47. I have used strategies all my life to accomplish the massive success over life’s challenges. And my life has had a bunch of challenges. One of the challenges that I use is doing the opposite of what people tell me to. If they say it can’t be done, and I must get it done. Another strategy that I use is to never give up regardless of the odds. Another strategy that I use is to face my fear. As I said before, my life has been full of challenges. You see when I was 20 years old I would burned alive in a truck fire. I was burned over 85% 30 burns. I spent five and half months in a hospital in which I was pronounced dead three times. I’ve had over a hundred surgeries in the past 20 years. I developed the strategies out of necessity for living and a thirst to live life to the fullest. I got a glimpse at a real young age that this life is temporary, and we must take up most out of every moment, because there is no guarantee on tomorrow. Today is all we have. So let’s make the most of it. I do not regret what happened he is a matter of fact, the way I look at it 20 years ago when I burned up in that truck that was the day that changed my life forever for the better. That one event, hands down was the best thing that ever happened to me. Forced me to look at myself and make major changes my life today would not be what it is. If it wasn’t for that life-changing day. I am truly grateful. Tony you are amazing individual on some day soon we will meet. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Paul V Harris

  48. Paul V. Harris on June 5th, 2009
  49. Tony,
    Great clip. Haven’t seen you on video since my Oneness Training. When do you offer this course in San Diego, I have myself and other employees who want to take it.

    Off to give “The Blessing”


  50. ken weiner on June 5th, 2009
  51. Tony:

    Thank you so much for these video blogs. I will tell you that you have been one of the greatest influences in my life and I do not say that lightly. Since I saw you in ‘99 my life has been immeasurably wealthier and fuller.

    I continue to reinvest in my life thanks to the tools you have shown me. In 99 I started a journal and began my journey with your Books and your Personal Power II program. It is truly one of the anchors in my life. Looking back on my Journal from 1999 (ten years ago) I was surprised that I had accomplished about 80% of the goals that I brainstormed during Personal Power II. Most of these I did not even consciously go back and prioritize. That was truly powerful.

    I continue to reach and re establish goals in my life and one of my lifetime goals is to meet you personally. Once I have accomplished enough, contributed enough and lived with enough abundance and passion that dream will be seen to fruition.

    God Bless TONY.

  52. David Heon on June 5th, 2009
  53. Thank you Tony, re modeling others does one need to be in personal contact with that person or is it simply a matter of just observing and mimicking what they do?

    You have a lot of great products that I would like to sell from my site but your affiliate system is not very user friendly for people not living in the US. Do you have an alternative system?



  54. scott cansdell on June 5th, 2009
  55. Hello Mr Anthony Robbins,

    You’re a master in your field, well done and Thank You for assisting me in being a better person each and every day.
    Would you consider releasing material that is specific to parenting?


  56. Anjelica on June 5th, 2009
  57. I do love you I want to be like you I wanna be there with you

    I want to make you happy ,try to be like you and obey all riles

    Thanks for all you gave me

  58. Raha on June 6th, 2009
  59. thanks tony . you are great

  60. susan on June 6th, 2009
  61. Tony,
    Thankyou for these brilliant reminders.
    Im a graduate of your seminars and I enjoy the videos immensely.
    Lately I’ve noticed that I’ve adopted a “go with the flow” attitude to many areas in my life. I’ve achieved varied levels of success here and there for sure. Your video here is a reminder of the precision that strategies can give us. I know to succeed that you only need to focus and practice with intent any strategy to achieve your specicic desired outcome.
    Sometimes the solution is so simple its a bit scary… thats my next challenge to conquer. Simpllicity
    Keep on doing what your doing.
    Highest Regards,

  62. Scott on June 6th, 2009
  63. Thanks for this mail, You are the best as always.

    Pls keep it up this good work.

  64. Hiren Panchal on June 6th, 2009
  65. Tony,
    I’ve been using your stratagies for three years, and you have changed my life and substituded pain with hope. May God bless you; I hope to see you someday and tell you my story of successes.
    your biggest fan from Iran, hadi

  66. HADI KHAJEHPOUR on June 7th, 2009
  67. Hi Tony, I liked your comment suggesting I also alter current strategies which contibute to me not achieving my goals. Training for a half marathon running event I’ve learned how making small improvements, consistently on a daily basis, can quickly build up to major gains (it sneaks up on you!) Massive action can sometimes be so small. Thanks Tony.

  68. Emma on June 7th, 2009

  70. DEBBIE HAFERKORN on June 7th, 2009
  71. Have you ever come to Tokyo? Do you think you will sometime in the future?

  72. Brent on June 7th, 2009
  73. You’re my mentor Tony. Thanks!

  74. fdjaudinesjr on June 8th, 2009
  75. Tony,

    Thanks for the reminder! I lead a sales team and we are asking them to do more sales tracking than they are used to. Finding their individual motivation strategy is the answer. Can’t wait to finish Mastery University this August with Life Mastery.

    Thanks for being a great coach to me since 1995!


  76. Richard on June 8th, 2009
  77. Thank you for the video. You have changed my life and moved it towards great fulfillment and a strong desire to contribute to others. UPW and Date with Destiny did it for me. Absolutely!!!

    Once again, THANK YOU,

  78. Christine on June 8th, 2009
  79. Tony,

    Wonderful stuff as usual. I’ve been following your teaching since 1989 and benefited greatly from your work. I remember a great chat we had one night on a footbridge at the Certification training in Hawaii in 1991. You told me that there was nothing that could not be accomplished by simply applying the strategies you teach - you were right. Thank you my Friend.

    John Knox

  80. John Knox on June 8th, 2009
  81. Dear Tony,

    Each time I have witness your teaching it has motivated me. I hope to take one of your classes one day or even get your assistance with our educational development programs.

    Keep on doing it! Set the standard! I’ll be close order behind!

    Best Regards,

  82. Benjamin on June 8th, 2009
  83. I am an executive recruiter for the medical industry that is dealing with financial challenges. However, I am meeting them head on with the help of the Ultimate Edge and hard work. Just started program yesterday and I am feeling the burn. I am looking for a couple of retainers and I will find them. Thanks Tony

  84. Otis on June 9th, 2009
  85. Tony:
    I love youre stratagyes!
    I think this is one of the most amazing thing in this world ! But sometimes I get worried , because some bad guy
    may master thess skills too!
    I inspire myself learn more ! So I can help a lot more people !

  86. Huang on June 9th, 2009
  87. Thanks for all you do. You are amazing.

  88. Mary Ellen on June 9th, 2009
  89. I’ve been listening to your CD’s that I’ve borrowed from a friend who has been to your seminars. I was in the Navy for 26 years, and I can proudly say that I had a very successful career with great accomplishments that are the envy of my peer group. However, the year prior to my retirement, I got so complacent and practically rested on my laurels until the day I retired from the military. That complacency carried on in my life that has taken a toll on my personal, physical, and financial ambitions.
    Having received this e-mail from you today has waken me up to step it up and make meaningful changes in my life. Although financially strapped, I will somehow find a way to raise funds to attend your UPW weekend seminar in San Jose. I look forward to meeting you and learn from the Master.

  90. Rene Protacio on June 9th, 2009
  91. I thought GOALS were behind the success and achievement?

    “Either you’re goal-acheiving or tension-relieving.”

    Now you’re just clouding your own message. This is just fluff. And you’ve got the suckers buying it.

    Here’s an idea - if strategies are so important (”More important than goals.”) why not give anyone who’s ever purchased your old materials a FREE update? I’m not talking some schlock video. Or some BS campaign from your call center. I’m suggesting you back up your bull with a real, tangible give back.

  92. Dude on June 9th, 2009
  93. LOVE THE PROGRAM- I STARTED WITH ANTHONY like 20 years ago!- On cassette. It changed my life the 30 day program. I have all of his programs- He keeps you motivated and you feel inspired and powerful. You stop putting off things and make excused and start making a plan. The small things can slide us off track. His programs are the best- My words are and his small challenge was simple.

    You cannot skip a day. If you do go back and start the program over. **My thoughts- Because you have to be loyal and honest with yourself. And the Results are fantastic. Both of my boys one 25,30 yrs old have completed the 30 day program by the age of 16 years old and then each year did it again for 5 years. They are now smart grad. early from HS. Went To College, Now Up for Officers in the Air Force run ther own business on the side and have a great out look on life- Positive And it’s worth every dime. Your life will change- and it will rub off on others real quick. I was a single parent!
    It’s more than a sale it’s a Man sharing and opening Doors that you have closed. Anthony is my Mentor and always has been. I was 28 when purchased that was 20 years ago- at a live seminar in Utah- It was 700.00 plus- I bought it and was scared — BEST Money ever! Now, I’m 48 and I still use his principals and focus on the workshops. It’s all about responsibility, following through, and the truth within all of us. I was a bit excited writing sorry I chatted your ears … BUY IT!!!! YOUR BUSINESS WILL GROW AND YOU WILL GROW AS YOUR FAMILY SEE’S The Change in you! Jodie Alinea Marinaccio

  94. Alinea Marinaccio on June 9th, 2009
  95. Awesome message. I do use modeling in my life and it does cut down the learning curve. I can totally relate to what you said about leadership and motivation. I’ve learned that what motivates me, may not motivate another person. To lead we must know what motivates others to want to do things to make a difference. Thanks for your advice.


  96. Mariano Jauco on June 9th, 2009
  97. Thank You Tony. You made my day. Currently I am working on mastering my statergies by using all the 4 ways.
    1. Duplicate what you have done earlier
    2. Help others - I am helping my relatives and friends
    3. Manage someone else - I manage a team by undertsanding their world.
    4. Model someone - You :) Anthony, Covey, Cathy Buckley, The Secret and many more.

  98. Ayesha Habeeb Omer on June 9th, 2009
  99. Thank you very much, its an awesome video. These principles were something which I had totally forgotton. Its an awekening for me. Thanks again
    Raghu Ravindran

  100. Raghu Ravindran on June 10th, 2009
  101. tony you are a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. azam on June 11th, 2009
  103. Wow,

    I just read a bunch of the comments left by others and am amazed at how many people’s lives you continue touch and motivate to move in a positive direction. It must be the best feeling in the world to know your helping so many!

    You have been a mentor to me for many years and my life and positive outlook have been molded by your influence as well as others of course. But you helped me focus and brought many things to the table that I never thought of as well as shined a light on the things I didn’t want to see but needed to. I really appreciate your honesty and transparency. I know you shared some of that in the early years but I was thinking about some of the “stuff” you’ve been through with personal relationships and health which I’m sure was really hard, but through it all it’s brought a real grounded strength. I think the New Testament calls it’s “Character”, the good kind. Because of that, you are one of the few men I really listen to. So Thanks! It would be cool one day to look you in the eye and tell you, Thanks, Really, I mean it, thanks.

    The blog is great. I just found it via an email blast and have enjoyed watching all the vids. I will share via facebook. The gig at TED with the x VP was a lot of fun too. Powerful, but a lot of fun.

    As always, I look forward to learning, implementing, and pass on the wisdom you share.

    Your Friend,


  104. RJ Ritchie on June 12th, 2009
  105. Tony your Unleash The Power Within Course is fantastic and I admire it so much. The content inside is heavenly powerful. The Bless and hope can share with you from life to life.

    Thank you

    James Wong

  106. James Wong Chee Leong on June 12th, 2009
  107. Obsolute pure “Treasure” Tony you provide precious life gifts to teach every adult and child how to become a mentor for the next generation.


  108. Brigitte Mclachlan on June 12th, 2009
  109. Hi Tony,

    Thank you so much, for these tools and strategies on life mastery… i’m going through a phase right now of listening to a lot of your material, but failing to follow thorugh on any of the tools. I think i’m getting caught up on whenever i need a boost i listen, but never habitually use it to constantly better my life and condition it so i get better at it.

    I keep remembering one of the beliefs you shared with us… that you’re just a milimeter away…

    Thank you so much for your tools and strategies… you have changed my life in so many ways and conciously doing it, i tell everybody about your material.

  110. Hardit Singh on June 15th, 2009
  111. Thanks Tony, you are my mentor, I listen to you everyday and practice the principles in my life even in my speaking appointments at seminars and workshops.
    Thanks again


  112. Isaac Fordyce on June 25th, 2009
  113. Thanks Tony, once again I enjoyed your teaching and send it to all my friends and family. Thanks again for sending me this clip with your inspiring words and thoughts.


  114. Enrique Maestri on June 25th, 2009
  115. I read your books over the years and recently bought Getting The Edge. Great stuff as usual.
    My session with the coach gave me a few insights about myself – (thanks for the freebee) my first challenge is trying to get to know myself better so that I can use the tools you teach.
    One of the first steps in your program is too pay attention to your emotions and since I haven’t gotten past understanding my emotions, I ended up listening to the first sessions repeatedly until I felt like I have done what is expected in the program. I am one of those reserved individuals who have mastered the art of suppressing emotions.
    It reminds me of the student who asks the master to teach him the Lord’s Prayer.
    “Our Father who art in Heaven.” The master begins, but the student cuts him off, thanking him profusely and takes off before the master can continue.
    The student shows up several years later, appearing to be very enlightened, and says to the Master.
    “Ok master. I am ready for the next teaching.”
    My conversation with the coach was good, to bad I was told that coaching is not for everyone. Maybe some day you can have coaches who give sessions on exploring how to apply the techniques that fit each personality. I know we each have to do our own homework, but some of us need someone who can point things out to us. Maybe I have to study psychology or something first. For example, trying to think about a day when I felt confident and happy might be difficult if there are only a few to pick from and they are in the distant past. I don’t remember my physiology, or what I was thinking at the time. The coaching session left me thinking I was not at the right level for coaching. It’s like taking your master’s degree without taking the basic courses first. Maybe I need to get hypnotized to retrieve the information I need – who knows. I guess we can’t all have personal trainers who can point out important insights about our behavior and teach us how to manipulate it for the better.
    I guess I need a course on how to understand myself better to get the most out of your program. The good news is that at least modeling helps save time and I don’t necessarily need to understand my self so deeply, I can just try to duplicate by using my imagination and observation.
    Another example, losing weight has definite steps. If for some reason I can not get myself to change my association to certain foods, I can still exercise and count my calories, and change what I eat. Then if I falter once in a while, it won’t be so bad. I know this method will fail for most people, but I just thought I would put it out there.

  116. Jose Garrido on June 26th, 2009
  117. “. . . .hunter of human excellence….” what a great addition to my quotables.

  118. Charlotte on June 28th, 2009
  119. earlier i thought, i have fallen a trap to circumstances.now i feel circumstances are not beyond my control

  120. sony on July 19th, 2009
  121. Great stuff, thanks! This is so useful for me right now!

  122. Robbie Becklund on August 26th, 2009

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